Maison's Maison

Maison Martin Margiela's long-awaited home collection made its debut at Milan's Salone del Mobile design show yesterday. On display: rugs, doors, lamps, and various other furnishings, largely in the house's trademark white (red wine, we guess, is verboten chez Margiela). Check out our previous post, or today's WWD, for a little background, or if you're just interested in pictures, here you go. (Oh, and none of the pieces are yet in production, though the brand hopes to have them in stores and showrooms by next year.)

Photo: Courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela
10:59 AM, April 22, 2009

Can i adapt to my Pet Society ?? need the items now!

Alex Wang's Hard core

Indeed! recently , i adore load of pieces from Wang since his consistency in his own blood. His design is rock and rock. So, who could deny that this campaign is not him and who else could deny that Tasha Tilberg is looking worth every cents for him to show his spirit. Anyway, i need his bag now !

In other Wang news, the designer’s first ever capsule men’s collection is coming along nicely for a summer debut. There definitely won’t be a runway show, but Wang is still hammering out the how and where. OMG !! Stud Stud stud!

"Himalaya" training! Comme did it again

Available this July at Comme des Garçons stores, welcome more good old day! hahah dont' laugh it doesn't seem that you gonna spend less than ever, dig to oldie it is not cheap as you think , LOL ! from the site: they said don't try to do at home , I absolutely agree, i've got tons of experiences !

Gap back for cool!

I'm going back to wardrobe to find my oldie goldie jeans and tear apart on knee like Okamoto's gorgeous on Gap ! come on who need to drag to work just stunning as it would !

"We wanted to make Gap denim relevant and cool again,” Patrick Robinson said last night at the relaunch of the iconic American brand’s 1969 collection. “This is almost two years in the making.” The designer and his team completely overhauled the existing less-than-adventurous silhouettes, and come August, the Gap customer will have access to perfectly faded boyfriend jeans, rinse-wash skinnies, vintage-inspired bell-bottoms, and an elegant extra-long boot-cut—all in premium denim fits

Source : Style.com


Welcome to the world of BALMAIN

Recently,the fav sentence which buzz in billionaire round is " Where did she get that BALMAIN?" and at the recent Paris shows, fashion editors were wearing their Balmain like the glittering armour of the Tsars. In the front row were Anna Dello Russo, fashion-director-at-large of Japanese Vogue, in a crystal-encrusted jacket; Emmanuelle Alt, fashion director of French Vogue, in a slightly quieter leather blazer; and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, daughter of French Vogue’s editor, Carine Roitfeld, in a riveted, black bustier dress. All exuded an “I’ve got it, you haven’t” sense of pride.

Now do u mind of BALMAIN? read more on "Hail the return of rock chic" on Telegraph.co.uk

Good morning cup!

Head on your desk ! Right now!


In this situation, The money you spend would only be creme de la cream! So that's why i've heard the news Madonna and Jennifer Connelly ( Nicolas might wanna indulge her with full wardrobe of Balenciaga ,otherwise, Jenny would be glam with more Balmain ! LOL ) both would reprise the hitz on Advertising for LV and Balenciaga (in order) next Autumn/Winter 09 10 Let's see what is gonna happened. So, more go see Models!!

Converse counts to 1HUND(RED)

Converse celebrated the conclusion of its Project (RED) collaboration 1HUND(RED) by sending it off on a high note: At the closing party last night, hosted by onetime RED shoemaker Lupe Fiasco and chef Marcus Samuelsson, the brand unveiled the last three shoes in the series, designed by United Bamboo, artist Terence Koh, and womenswear line Vena Cava, all of whom were in attendance. Both United Bamboo's and Koh's modified All Stars stack up against the best of the line. I could see UB's statement-loud bubbled canvas version (above) becoming as sought-after as Hiroshi Fujiwara's iconic pair (also, incidentally, on display, both on platforms and on the feet of many of the editors present). Vena Cava's—for the ladies, but worth a look—sports a doodled-on Native American print that's equally flashy. You might expect similar from Koh—the guy who once embroidered a penis on his sweatshirt—but his pearl-inspired kicks (below) are understated, even elegant. Hey, no complaints here.

Photos: Elizabeth Lippman
5:16 PM, April 17, 2009


Tambour Mystérieuse

Though they often keep it on the low, many luxury watchmakers don't produce their own movements, which are costly, labor-intensive, and complex to make. So when a brand brings its manufacture in-house, as Louis Vuitton has now done, it's serious business—and, as in the case of the new Tambour Mystérieuse, worthy of celebration.

Vuitton's first foray into full manufacturing—conception to construction—features a dazzling movement that seems to float inside the bezel, an effect accomplished by mounting it on sapphire crystal disks. If that feat of levitation isn't flashy enough, the Mystérieuse is also fully customizable down to the metal and stones on the case. All that (and the miniature LV trunk it comes in) goes a long way toward explaining the $265,000 price tag. Since each takes about a year to craft, by the time yours is ready, you may even be able to afford it.

Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton
3:43 PM, April 09, 2009

Levi's Engineered mascot "Bernie"

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Levi's Engineered twisted jeans, the London design studio Neighbour commissioned artist Wilfrid Wood to create three characters—"slightly twisted," according to the firm—to represent the brand. (They'll star in a new campaign and appear in stores and window displays throughout the year.) Our favorite: "Bernie" (pictured). We'll leave it to you to decide whether he signals the continuation or the end of the strangely durable recent 'stache trend.

Photo: creativereview.co.uk

Maiden Art : one to watch

As it would be seen in everywhere next autumn/winter : leather would be transformed in more sophisticated form than it was before . We should start from "the rose".

Maiden Art is dishing out the skins in smaller doses. The Italian brand’s latest jewelry collection has a leather leitmotif: The material shows up laser-cut and pleated on reversible collars, folded origami-style on gift-bow brooches and rings, and sculpted into small and large pendant roses. And that’s just for starters. Hope it would last till next Valentine's day , hweeeee.....

Source: Stylefile blog

New Tee of the day!

OMG! this is what in my mind after i saw a piece of new Tee from Topman. Unfortunately! i need to change to be as fast as new Tee of a day 'cuase if you find grab it before else could buy and wear. So the time is so short, Let's enjoy !

Who else should calm Bette Ditto!

After absolutely winning over everyone in Paris this past season, Beth Ditto continues her editorial domination with another cover- this time for May’s Dazed and Confused. The colorful lead singer of The Gossip made so many fans in the City of Lights, we’re certain that something big in America is in the works as well… Do we care Asia ?

Source : Fashion Week Daily

( for more information of her from wiki! Beth Ditto (born 19 February 1981 in Arkansas) is an American singer for the indie rock band The Gossip. Ditto is known for her distinctive lyrics and powerful vocals as well as her outspoken and unconventional lifestyle offstage
She does not wear deodorant nor shave her armpits. "I think punks usually smell." she claims.

She is close personal friends with Ana Matronic (from the band Scissor Sisters). They both appeared in interviews for the BBC's coverage of the Glastonbury festival on 24 June 2007.

She is an outspoken feminist, and once commented that "Women aren't cats, we aren't pets, we are just people trying to cross the freaking street to get an ice-cream."

She appeared on the cover of the December 2007/January 2008 cover of Bust. She also appeared on the cover of Out Magazine in May 2009.)

But if you wanna know her more this would help you ALOT! "Listen Up"
and if you wanna know why do i post her here? this is the answer , if you went to the club and wonder what is the original of this song , here is the answer honey!!"Standing in the way of control"

Newest: Lancome Genifique! Time to talk to your skin

Lancome's newest anti aging skin care product is Genifique. The company claims that they have done ten years of research on this product and finally delivered this 'youth activating concentrate'. They also claim to have delivered the first skin care that boosts the activity of genes.

Here's how it works: Youthful skin is in your genes. Genes produce specific proteins found on the skins surface that diminish with age. Lancome Genifique boost genes activity and stimulate the production of these proteins that are abundant in youthful skin.

Who is it for: Women or men in their 20's and up.

The clinical results after 7 days of use: 85% saw more luminous skin, 82% saw more even skin tone, 91% said skin felt softer, 82% said skin appearance improved

My results: It's a non sticky formula that glides on and is absorbed quickly, but it's not a moisturizer, so you need to apply moisturizer after Genifique. It immediatly makes skin feel softer. It took about ten days to notice results, but I have noticed my skin looks better. My crows feet are softer and my completion looks clearer. Supposedly the results will improve more with time. If so, this really is a great product.

Have you used this product? Tell me what you think.

Costs: $78 at department stores or Lancome.com


New Owens in London

One thing i adore of creativity in western culture is A hybrid of new and old mixed in one singular concept without torture the heritage scenery. Like this new Rick Owens store in London , he does care of his concept to new scene . I wish my friends would visit this store in their trip ! how lucky you are !

New chapter of shoes

After rock n boots , boot n rock , stud and sequin ! now we are far beyond to python ! welcome to the world !

One of the first things you notice about the shoes in Brit girl Deborah Lyons’ debut collection, called Méchante is stunning combination !!There’s certainly something quite vixen-ish about her combinations of python and black grosgrain as well as the sly reveals of cutaway ankles and cutouts .For her first time out, the Parsons grad has scored an impressive retail roster for the collection, which ranges in price from $450 to $850: Dover Street Market, Harrod’s, Matches, and Edon Manor in New York; a West Coast boutique might be added before the month is over. And heel-orexics can take heart. Next spring will include a few nose-bleed heights. Says Lyons with a sigh, “My friends have been complaining that they’re not high enough.”

This article was cut and pasted some from full article in stylefile www.style.com

Thumb of nature

Luckily, a lady needs never reveal her age…not so with a tree. This gorgeous print by Bryan Nash Gill was painstakingly created by making a print from a section of a Hemlock tree, then pressing inch by inch to transfer ink to paper, sound so craft !! wasn't it .?

Source : Fashion Week Daily

Rose is still Rose

The new rosé Ice Dress will keep your champers chilled (and stylishly dressed). The dangling tag–yellow for the gents, pink for the gals–is even personalized with a detachable Love Forever card. Very apt, non? Madame Clicquot, Chic will surely love you forever. THE DETAILS: about $60; www.veuve-clicquot.com

Source : Fashion Week Daily

Colorful Daria

Who else would be so compatible to Matthew Williamson for H&M. You would be so lucky to grab one caftan to your holiday ! well , i just need to go beach la ,still around in metro !

Grand Palais gets grafitied

When we think of the Grand Palais, the Chanel and YSL shows are top-of-mind. But the glorious hall in Paris is currently invaded by the very best graffiti in the world, featuring the personal collection of architect Alain-Dominique Gallizia. The exhibit, named Le Tag, even features some New York names like Wane, Dash, Ket, Part1, West, and Faust. The show remains open in Paris through April 26th

Source : Fashion Week Daily

Nun is a new cool !

New day has emerge eventually! Are you ready for next chapter of chic? let head on your cape now , No religion need just be glam with a new glorious robe plus meditated feeling.

Dare to be lick while sleeping

Dame Viv (Westwood)just has created a line for The Rug Company, Dare to wet your ears . I'm not in to it actually but it is nice to be on living room for party fun , hahha!

wake up call!

I just stunned today after i've heard news that Micheal Jackson wore one of Fall's collection of Balmain on his NORMAL life! It it real wake up call for me to spread to hilarious and fun life ( after we are still in concern to the real political situation in our Hometown glory , Buddha Lord bless us! ) I wish I could help some on my own way!! The party is just begun!

Thank you Lord! We still had so much fun on Sonkran. Missing all of my friends , see you again :)