A new day has come ( now )

OMG... Dazed & Confused made my day.After being sober for a big while for my Year end party's styling, these could help me A LOT for being brave becasue i got some ... references hahah.

Photographer : Ben Toms
Model : Yannice Abrath
Styling : Robbie Spencer

Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 Ad

Photographer :Steven Meisel
Models : Kati Nescher & Daria Strokous

Bring back the sweet era. Like its runway, the sweet things come alive and really catching to every eyes. so nice. Love Love Love ( especially, transparent Lock-its )


Moo Piyasombatkul - NOIR Baroque

Recently,i found myself addicting to find some nice eyeglasses for Christmas but non of those clicked on my mind. But, it was over.i got caught with up and coming designer's eyewear - Moo ( Piyasombatkul ) who is tasteful in both of her real life and working scene. I will not explain her scene so far. if you want to inquire more information, please click on further to related site for be fanatic like me.