Where Karl Legerfeld keep his ipod! ( hint : not Chanel )

When Karl Lagerfeld suddenly woke up one morning and realized that he needed a case to cary his countless iPods, he turned to Louis Vuitton, bien sûr. The company has custom designed this wonder of a mini-trunk made from soft Taiga leather. This luxe accessory also has a drawer for 20 iPods, a sufficient area for JBL speakers and a matching subwoofer. It’s reported that all this luxury cost about $14,000 but if you’re Karl that’s only the cost of about six Chanel handbags.

Source: fashionweekdaily

Boot time

After my friend show pic with his beloved Kylie and his boots that kicked off from her gig! hahah is it time to find the right pair of your boots ? i might not fond of but if it's time, it should be time :) ( very good excuse ! ) eventhough, those are girls but attitude are cool.

Prada’s Beanie Babies

Though the Beanie Babies craze has been over for quite some time, these new playful Prada key chains evoke the same, obsessively collectible nostalgia in our hearts. But they don’t come cheap! For $117, you better be certain of your choice–bear or monkey?

Next statement shape!

from above pic, Christopher Bailey is going to tell us what is the next statement pair for next season , bell shape pair might not good for everyone but anyone could. It's great. Be the first to wear!

not enough, especially, winter time

LOL! for anyone who stil don't have Moncler in wardrobe. No matter what happen or even no winter time but at least u need to find a way to expose it. This rockin' dundun jacket from Moncler is suit anytime from racing bike or clubin' ( latter one is a very good reason ) . It's so musculine ( if you won't wear Loubutin to pair with :P ) coooooooooool.

spining time

It's a festive time...blah blah blah ...so i expect more tune coming to me after i could clear my tons of report and report for next fiscal year.....ok be optimistic , i wish ! this vinyl player is seem cool compatibly match with Jil's below :) i wanna have those things in red socks! Did u hear honey ?


Jil's walking

It's not the accident that every house need to find a right stuff for festive time,including, Jil Sander. OH MY GOD.... i love it :)

Jil Sander enthusiasts (yes, that means you, Kanye) should prepare to move quickly: Only 55 each of the high- and low-top sneakers pictured here will be available when they go on sale in January. Made from leather and suede, the shoes are in collaboration with Aloha Rag and come in any color you like, so long as you like white.
High-top, $395, low-top, $345, available in January at Aloha Rag, 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Ste. 115, Honolulu, (808) 589-2050, and 505 Greenwich St., NYC, (212) 925-0882, aloharag.com

Photo: Elissa Wiehn

It's BMW's turn to mini

At least one automaker is feeling flush enough to experiment (and sadly, it's not domestic). BMW will introduce a test run of its Mini E, the German company's new, 100-percent electric, zero-emission car sometime next year. The battery-operated two-seater tops out at 95 mph (0-60 in eight seconds), and travels 150 miles on a single charge. No word on pricing or availability yet, but the concept's intriguing enough. The styling, on the other hand, might need some work—unless, of course, you like your vehicles detailed with canary-yellow trim.

[via Green Car]

Photo: Courtesy of BMW

who would not have Pierre Hardy!

Times might be dark, but at least one designer isn't falling into aesthetic line. French designer Pierre Hardy's latest limited-edition sneakers are, as per usual, wildly multicolored (though the hues are more subtle than previous releases). As before, the patent-leather high-tops feature both laces and Velcro; this version was inspired by the Florida sun, and, presumably, that's where the kicks are meant to be worn. Expect them to be available in December at Barney's and Jeffrey—and, no doubt, spotted at Art Basel.
Colorama sneakers, around $450, available in December at barneys.com

Photo: Courtesy of Pierre Hardy

Warm yourself with deserved glass

Of course! It's winter so there is nothing safe and warm like having nice glass and sip on a warm coach and cool ummm.. dundun coat from Moncler .hahah. here is your deserved glass.

Orange Anise Mulled Wine

2 btls Shiraz
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 cinnamon stick
3 star anise
1 tsp cloves
1 orange

Combine all ingredients together in large pot. Simmer for about two hours and serve with garnishes to taste.

More CK to your skin, what 's next

The original Calvin Klein cosmetic collection is having a renaissance moment, thanks to ck Calvin Klein beauty. From the foundations to the glosses and nail polishes, every product is quintessentially Calvin: timeless, chic, and gorgeously packaged. We especially love the new mini nail, gloss, and shadow sets for the holiday season. Minimalism at its best, bien sûr. Get your fix at Sephora stores and www.sephora.com.

VInez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin 's boy project

Just in time for the holidays, Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin have shot a limited edition poster featuring a different male model superstar for every letter of the alphabet. Only 26 exist, so get your AmEx ready!

Source: fashionweekdaily

Tiffany Tiffany

We love that this cuff is so bold and delicate all at the same time–and doesn’t the script remind you of those YSL postcard clutches, even just a little bit?
THE DETAILS: $5,500, www.tiffany.com

Hermes get a tune

hahah it's time the crocodile rock! see what is worth for 100,00 dollars now :) . The one that got this Hermes guitar case would be on tour more frequent LOL but who else would belong to this amazing one....the answer is ERIC CLAPTON . so compatible !


Uniqlo heattech giveaway!

To launch Uniqlo HEATTECH clothing, made from a unique fiber that retains heat without adding bulk, the retailer is celebrating with a Times Square event on November 18 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. New Yorkers will be scanned with a thermograph to reveal the coldest parts of their bodies, then will approach this so-called human vending machine, which will deposit a package of free HEATTECH innerwear. We’re curious about this new way to fight the winter chill, but to be honest… human vending machine? Show us.

Source: fashionweekdaily

Gift gatering 1

Of course ! it's festive moment , i knew u're gonna to be freak so let have time to breath and select the best one for your special :)

When you live in a small space–and especially a tiny New York studio–even your lamps loom very large. Yu Jordy Fu has developed incredible shapes that will transform your boring od base into a 3-D landscape. His Cloud lamps are especially fantastic ways to spruce up your little piece of the world.

Russian, vogue, doll

Russian Vogue is turning 10 this year, and although the magazine already threw an epic bash in Milan, it wouldn’t a birthday without a Moscow blowout. The magazine has asked the biggest design houses in the world to paint their own versions of nesting dolls or matreshkas. Houses like Marc Jacobs, YSL, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, and Giorgio Armani got into Russian spirit for the occasion. On November 20, the one-of-a-kind works will be acutioned off for chairty.

Time to locate your festive venue !

As the temps finally drop into the 40s, dreams of escaping this winter cold run rampant. While the dollar is down and those Vail trips are quickly slipping away, why not turn to other haute spots, darlings? Since the fires are tearing up the balmy West Coast, Chic Report is recommending the desert. W Hotels continues to roll out a series of new locations, and its latest location in Scottsdale opened late last month. It’s a most unusual alternative to the typical Grand Canyon family vaca of yore. And did we mention it’s 79 degrees and sunny? so what !


Tip for cruise time

Look at the stunning , princess beauty of Natalia . Her all family is spending a good time in Rio. Don't you agree with me that this outfit reflected her beau' on the limelight of Rio , pink shade is still awesome.

Zipper Zipper

Can you believe those are just zip .They are like some deep sea creature. it's good to have them?? and number 2 it's from Disaya ! that's good for Thai Zip's industry

Source: fashionweekdaily

New Castle!

Yohji Yamamoto's new empire expand to rue "Mademoisalle Chanel" ...yes it's rue Cambon.
The minimalist tack works well for the austere menswear offerings—which are displayed in the basement level (below)—but marks a departure for its architect, Sophie Hicks. Her previous work includes the maximalist Paul Smith Westbourne House shop in Notting Hill and the historic Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art—fondly remembered for introducing Damien Hirst, Chris Ofili, and a generation of like-minded blasphemers to the art world.
4 rue Cambon, Paris, (33) 1-40-20-00-71, yohjiyamamoto.co.jp

Beyonce' fierceeee!

who would thought that Beyonce would click with Gareth Pugh , see above !! that's it!

Source pic: fashionweekdaily

Visionaire's pop up

While pop-up books are typically the domain of six-year-olds, Visionaire has given the genre a high-art twist by inviting the likes of Andreas Gursky, Mario Testino, and Cai Guo-Qiang to contribute mini-tableaux to its latest issue, Surprise. (Sadly, it's not wearable.) The works range from Guo-Qiang's cascading waterfall to Steven Klein's disembodied head (floating on a meat-locker backdrop), each of which is well-executed for discerning collectors. (Though something tells us a few adventurous six-year-olds would appreciate them, too.)
$250, visionaireworld.com

Source: menstyle.com

Everyday is Kiehl's day

Well, at least that’s true for Beauty Junkie! While Kiehl’s Day is actually November 12, the company will be celebrating all this week with free giveaways every day. Why all the fuss? Back in 2003, Mayor Bloomberg made it official after Kiehl’s Since 1851 planted a new pear tree on the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue outside its store. Why that location you ask? In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant planted a tree in what would become that exact intersection. It lived for over 200 years and was once thought to be the oldest living thing in New York! But this year, shoppers at free-standing stores and www.kiehls.com can vote for the newest addition to the Pear Tree Corner collection. So continue rocking the vote, chicettes!

Source: fashionweekdaily

Fun with Meisel

Fancy spending Christmas with Steven Meisel? For a cool $750, your prayers can be answered this festive season—via jigsaw puzzle format, that is. Destined to be headlining gift lists of the fashion-fluent over the coming weeks is a limited-edition puzzle (manufactured by Editions Ricordi) imprinted with one of the famed photographer’s most popular works from the pages of Vogue Italia. The December 2007 print-on-print editorial featuring model Meghan Collison in a pin-up pose comes in a custom-made cloth box, signed and numbered by the lensman himself.

Best of all, the densely patterned image guarantees hours of fun for everyone! Fellow photography buffs would do well to get their requests in quickly, however: Preorders start today through Art + Commerce at Shop.artandcommerce.com.

How old is he?

How gorgeous of him , no matter how old is he , he's still looking good and fun , i love him anyway :)


Meltdown the Economy

Underscoring the vulnerability of small fashion businesses in the economic downturn, two labels founded by Danish designers have been shuttered. London-based Danish designer Jens Laugesen, known for his minimalist and androgynous designs, has closed his signature label after six years. That closure follows last month’s news that Danish luxury brand Camilla Staerk was shut by its owner, Danish fashion giant Bestseller, which, via a company called MTHP A/S, had financed Staerk since 2003.

Blue time

Despite our preference for non-humongous wristwatches, we've long been fond of those from Officine Panerai. As the former supplier to the Royal Italian Navy, Panerai perfected the world's first underwater watches in the thirties. They weren't dainty then, and they're not now, either; pictured above is the watchmaker's latest release, a 44-mm limited-edition Luminor Chrono Daylight, water-resistant to 100 meters, which comes with a titanium case and band, and whose dial is blue (not the line's traditional black). Price and availability are, of course, still TBD, but the watch will make its debut in January at SIHH in Geneva. Consider this an early preview: The company says it won't be available here until the middle of next year.

Photo: Courtesy of Panerai

Kate Winslet, WOW

Gosh this cover of Vanity Fair made me took a deep breath, Kate Winslet is so stunning and so Deneuve! I am not sure how magical of Stven Meisel but Kate fit all the gown from every brands now. PR war is coming for Oscars

Cheers for OBAMA

if you’re toasting a victory tonight to OBAMA, it goes without saying that tonight, everyone’s going to need a stiff drink–and we might as well be patriotic about it, non? Chicaholic is going to try this adorably American Flag Salute!

Flag Salute

2 parts Stirrings Authentic Grenadine

2 parts Stirrings Blueberry Martini Mixer

3 parts vodka

Layer this shot by adding grenadine first, followed by the cold vodka poured in slowly off the back of a spoon. With a steady hand, add the Blueberry Mixer on top by pouring it off the back of a spoon as well. Decorate with flag toothpick.

Save more with Moschino

LOL luxury want you to save more with this piggie , you might have more spree to spend for next moschino item?? ok save for other brands are fine too :P


It's real

Wow! this is not a fabric or carpet or not even painting, it' real tulips in Netherlands .......... speechless..... book me ticket now!

Piaget, Personalized

We’ve coveted the Piaget collector cases for a long time (each can store up to 51 watches ) but now we’ve discovered the beauty of personalization. Case in point: our Chic Report one-of-a-kind storage. You can choose your own font and color. Why not engrave the thing in a foreign language?

Source: fashionweekdaily

BMW love Eco with their dignity

BMW is building a "breakthrough green supercar" that's said to be "the equivalent of a modern-day" version of the coolest Bimmer ever. The coupe's design is supposedly similar to the M1 Hommage concept and will use the brand's Efficient Dynamics system, which (among other things) recycles brake energy to reduce fuel consumption. I prefer black one, book me now!

no more silly toy

I'm not sure it's a real toy for kids but if one kid could play this, he or she might be so genious and promising , hahahah, good taste kiddo ( i'm thinking what will he or she dress like Suri !! )

Source pic: fashionweekdaily

Zaha's moment

The high priestess of architecture has a new two-venue installation series opening tomorrow in New York. The installations derive from Hadid's large-scale projects, from a desk referencing her Opera House at the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre to more abstract constructions that draw on her city-planning work in Istanbul. They're business as usual for the curve-loving, larger-than-life Pritzker-winner, whose hand can also currently be seen in the Big Apple at Chanel's purse-inspired Mobile Art Pavilion. The Kaiser's a big fan, but if batting aside endless queues of daffy socials isn't your idea of a fun Saturday afternoon, the Chelsea galleries may just be the perfect alternative.
Zaha Hadid opens tomorrow at Sonnabend Gallery, 536 W. 22nd St. and 169 Tenth Ave., NYC, (212) 627-1018, artnet.com

Source: men.style

Worth to collect, Skulls!

There is only one Hirst, but more than few Fabien Barons that you can get your hands on. Moss is currently selling these beauties made of Swarovski crystals originally designed by the art director in 2005 for $1,815. Very good investment value.

New trend appear!

It's time to be creative and yes, now aim to elementary school , like Stella , she drew her backdrop to be her kid's wall and then, here, Dazed n Confused , no dazed nor confused but direct to the new direction. I luv.

From England with Love and Money

Yes it's from England if you could see the flag and it's all about money in your bag , cool , grap that if your wanna show your account without book ...Paul Smith serve you.

Not a boring Vodka

This is not parfume , seem so cool. we approached Double Cross with healthy dose of skepticism. The new vodka hails from Slovakia (apparently the only one in America to do so), and it smells a bit like Elmer's. Get past that, however, and you'll find it's exceptionally clean, with a smooth finish—in other words, just like a vodka should be. That's because it's filtered seven times with a system that incorporates (ahem) diamond dust. Gimmicky? Sure, but consider the alternative: We tried another vodka from a popular brand that shall remain anonymous (its bottle resembles a disco ball). It smelled like Sterling Cooper's carpet after a Christmas party, and didn't taste much better. So while Double Cross might trumpet itself a bit too loudly3the bottle looks pretty, for instance, but makes for a clumsy pour—it delivers good taste at a reasonable price. Consider us sold.
$50, doublecrossvodka.com

McQueen get drunk with BLUE

You can have all the acclaim in the world, but you haven’t made it as a designer until you design a bottle of whiskey. Alexander McQueen just designed a limited-edition ‘couture’ bottle of Chivas Regal 18-year-old whiskey. It will be launched in time for Christmas. “This is a piece of art which reflects the luxury and craftsmanship values of what Haute Couture is all about,” said McQueen in a statement. “You can see my signature ’stamp’ with the blue leather ‘dress’ and the Union Jack colors. I have created a rare collector’s item that those with an eye for design will want to keep.” Only 2,000 of these will go on sale and each one will cost about $500.

Source: fashionweekdaily

I luv Lollipop

Don't ask how much I love lollipop :) and now I'll love more 'cause Godiva serve me more!! Now you can indulge in Godiva’s divine pair of Chocolate Bat Lollipops made out of solid milk chocolate. Enjoy!

Bloody for weekend

It’s Halloween! How about a cocktail to frighten away the spirits? The folks over at Belvedere have concocted a delicious brew that also looks hauntingly like something Edward Cullen would enjoy. It’s easy to mix and shatters the boredom of a vodka soda. Make a round for your fellow midnight revelers!

Vampire Elixir

1.5 oz. Belvedere vodka

¾ oz. apricot brandy

1 oz. fresh lime juice (slightly sweetened)

Serve over ice and top with club soda. Garnish with juice from ½ pomegranate…then suck away!