Couturier in bubble burst !

Now that the bubble of extravagance has burst, it was up to the handful of couturiers still showing in Paris to make the summer collections relevant to a changed world. But the masters of the fashion universe did not opt for low-budget luxury - rather for couture-light - using creativity to capture the hopeful post-Obama spirit.
Chanel say good bye to Grand Palais but it doesn't mean that couture is over. Chanel deliver the right and clean shape for everyone to admire the pieces without notice the price tag and couture will be couture forever........


Gucci's Era

Frida Gianini might not be a stardom like Tom Ford but she deliver whole nice merchandising to the store and it is all about cash cow! So who care about the designer as long as you have such a good item to turn to be money! The Autumn/Winter collection of Gucci for men is so awesome. I think this season Brit's rock rule Milan. I noticed that Frida expert to Winter time than Summer.

Marni, Rock !

Men's collection of Marni didn't have show for this Autumn/Winter in Milan. For any reason but Consuela Castiglioni still delivered good presentation to us. I've gotta say i'm also fond of Marni Men more and more.

Prada's Gangster

Do you wanna come in ? LOL ! If you are not cool enough to be on these high heels ( the girls mostly collapsed on the show ). Don't ever think of being in the team

Sometime, Change is not what we need in Dior Homme

It's also true that sometime change is not what we wanna see, several seasons that Kriss Van Assche had created good collections to Dior Homme but the things that Kriss could not change is the real, black and white, blood that Hedi pumped the its brand heart. Look at this campaign! what do you feel ? I feel Hedi! let's see what is going on next .

A change is gonna come, LOEWE

"A change we need" is a real quoted for this century, not only USA but also in Spain ! yes , what else would remind me of Spain , LOEWE. After a century of glorious royal glamour, Loewe need a change. So, Stuart Vevers was pulled from Mulbery whose created super creative pieces after pieces to window display. The time has come now. As i alway told that advertising campaign will reflect every aspects of the brand, it's truly reflect the whole new Loewe's attitude now.

Who care how much Amazonia will cost as long as you are chic like Amber Valetta in the shot of Steven Klien. Fierce!!!


Hadid's tap !!

Architect of the recent Chanel Mobile Art Container, Zaha Hadid, brings her talent to a project for daily use, creating the water tap of the future for the leading British brassware designer Triflow. Hadid’s design, inspired by the movement of water, embodies the continuous flow of liquid. Not only is this water tap impeccably chic but it also comes complete with technology that insure your tap water is always the finest filtered H20–all at the slight tap of a touch-sensitive button. Rule the world , Hadid!

Ethereal Kenzo

After shot with Yelena Yamchuk for several season , Kenzo is not changing to deepen its direction to more fragile , ethereal and romantique. This campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti, first time with Antonio Marras. The results is here. What u do feel is what i do feel ! So airry beauty. wow!

Givenchy's mood

What else would describe the mood and tone of Givenchy clear like this stuning advertising, shot by Inez&Vinooh with Lara Stone & Ana Claudia. Cool girl grab a card and welcome to Givenchy. Rule!

Brit's attitude

Thank you that god send Christopher Bailey to Burberry. Even Burberry showed in Milan but the attitude of the show is so BRIT! Rock and Arrogance. Ok , i just felt in love ,like i alway do! Who could make glam boy still look straight like Bailey !

Fur time!

On the side of asia, we are going to celebrate for new year, other side of the World , Milan ,is celebrating new Men's collection.
Of course, you would find the new look before elsewhere, and gotta tell you that this season is ROCK!
(left) Gucci , (center)Etro, (right) Mcqueen ... are they rocking enuf ! More to come.


Raquel ! Conquer!

If you notice the existance of Gisele , please spell this name correctly , Raquel Zimmerman.

Season after season, booking after booking Raquel Zimmermann maintains her unstoppable momentum. The Brazilian modeling doyenne pairs up with Juergen Teller for one of the freshest Marc Jacobs’ campaigns in ages - bold prints, green grass and blue skies combine for one unforgettable visual. As per usual Raquel is in her element, looking as cool and carefree as any true Jacobs girl.

from the first statement, Raquel have done Model's career along with Gisele, until now she's still doing great but where is Gisele

Cashy Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli’s new design for a branded Mastercard features an iridescent snakeskin print in colors that echo the designer’s yacht but for me wait still yearn for Croco!


Chloe S.win win win LV

A big difference between Icon and wannabe is the time lag. Just a few day it become different. Chic Report certainly swooned when this look debuted on the runway, but we’ll admit that Louis Vuitton’s spring collection is not the easiest to wear (unless you’re Madonna, obviously). But Chloe Sevigny, hosting a New Year’s Eve party at the Gansevoort South in Miami, looked fabulous in her orange mini, sheer blouse, and killer shoes but later for wannabe is like calling to stylist and wait for longer time to deliver this style.... baby u need to fix the schedule! Go cast more !

time goes by as easy as napkins ?

Please don’t tell us you braved 2009 sans calendar. This napkin-based wonder creation by Russian mastermind Stas Aki might be the most original model we’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for workaholic–enjoy your bagel and coffee while memorizing the date.

Open new year with Brainforest

For some reason that i could not have much time to complete my year end with my lovely article and some notti part of me wait for only party, party and party ! but i'm back ...after my friends called and say we don't have much updated things in my blog so hope everyone is still interested to my blog ( TT U TT ). Let's start with full installation in brain ....ok i'm still in state of sobering. It might be explained like this above pic.

For some reason, the word “installation” feels like an understatement when it concerns the work of Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger. The above work, called Brainforest, is a massive web of “nerve connections” tangled with found objects like flowers, feathers, toys, even gold leaves. We are having a hard time wrapping our brains around it…appropriately enough

Happy New Year :)

Source: fashionweekdaily