Proenza Schouler S/S 2012 -

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez brought pessimistic with vintage architecture to runway. This is very refinement and so fresh on the vintage track. I really odored high-waist top and skirt, they remind me of some classic movies but the materials so O-O-H , feel like looking thru Miuucia's view. It's excited to see new generation deliver that kind of level for us. BRAVO

Calvin Klein S/S 2012 - Nostagia for the first time

It really the first time that i feel some old breeze from Francisco Costa which i never expect before. I even closed my eyes and pop up when i opened all the collection and i saw "Ladies" something feel like Rochas from Theyskens but overall it is real root of Calvin Klein. A lady is now in town.


Alexander Wang S/S 2012 secret prints

Who said it inspired from American Indian ? it's so out. Alexander Wang said that he got inspiration from seating in stadium !! He plot the plan and laser them on the fabric. Yes, we believe cuase the whole sets of looks is so athletic. !! What a fantastic idea!

Vera Wang S/S 2012 -Sweet Sinner

Gotta be fair to her that Vera Wang is underestmated for her ready to wear collection. Since, everyone is still attached with her wedding moment. However, she proves so hard previously and still to show her magnificent style and technique that no one can pull her away. But this collection might be shiny since she emerge her brighter side on her selection on color scheme that lively and approachable. The layer of fabric was amazing and her funky attitude was highlighted in positive way. I like her pink scene. It reminded me a little of Balenciaga pink pale tone.

Rodarte S/S 2012 - Sleeping beauty with smokey eyes

I really found myself enjoy the show even though the color scheme and shape are quite weird from the trend but , hello, it's Rodarte. This collection is still consistency to her positiong of feminity with deep dark side in her mind. That's why lots of young hollywood star would like to attach with Rodarte to show that they have guts with her pretty face! Ultimately, i think Laura Mulleavy's works remind me of Dior of John Galliano last 5 years. I think LVMH should count her in the lists of successor.

Narciso Rodriguez S/S 2012 - future is here!

OMG, i was quite shocked when i saw this collection. Where is my tight-formal dress. It turned my head to the floor with tears of happiness. I've gotta say i never expect to see a whole bunch of tremendous futuristic-fluid dress combined with sharp tailoring pieces and subtle palette of fabric that catch my eyes so much. Love Love Love

Marchesa S/S 2012 - What a wonderful world

What will you expect when u saw models were walking down the way instead of standing on podiums nicely? Firstly, Karen Elson walked down first with swingy beaded fringe dress. It said a million words of what you were going to see. Of course, you knew you won't see any ordinary things but beautiful here. It was a breathe-taking moment,absolutely fantastic time. Hope you enjoy them.


Preen S/S 2012 - Sweet Virginia Woolf

I am a big fan if brit-old school duo Thea Bregazzi and Justin Thornton. I found they are so edgy but also feminine. This collection is so sweet and graceful. I think the shape and length made the looks a little bit older but nice. The way they layer and construct the prints are relevant and complete. This collection is outstanding from other in NYFW and i've heard that both models and buyer really adored this collection.

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Bright young things

Compared to past collections, there was more color and construction here, highlighted by show notes that referred to architectural-art way stations like Bauhaus, Charles Eames, and Donald Judd's Marfa. The references might have been scattergun, but if that's what the designer was offering us, it was only respectful to pay attention. And, fortunately, Jacobs always seems to reward it, with—this time—sensational footwear, to boot.

quoted from Tim Blanks, style.com

Donna Karan S/S 2012 - Tribal "Haiti"

It's not the first time that Donna Karan go tribal but this time is fresh and energetic.The collection may have its roots elsewhere—the bold brushstroke prints were inspired by the work of the Haitian artist Philippe Dodar—but it's still totally, characteristically urban. Orange is still a favorite shade for this city. At least, i'm feeling good that my orange still going on and on for the third season.


Zac Posen S/S 2012 - Anglo couture

The designer famously left his hometown for the City of Light a year ago, declaring, in so many words, that a Paris audience would understand his clothes better. I think it's truely statement for his works. It turned out that his skill on fitting and cutting are so precious. It seem like his showing couture with respectful piece, even though, the shape and design are still so Zac but his finishing is beyone.

Victoria Beckham - S/S 2012 - establishing the empire

Who could deny how sexy of hourglass dress from her previous hit dress. However, this collection stood out with not only her signature, but also her new fresh shape that loosen her tight-hale breath form. I think her color scheme is also her weapon. The palette was chic and classic like her personality. it's a good collection if you still remind what she wore when she was "Spice Girls"