Dior's sale figure increased after Galliano , what do you think?

Fashion houses have been struggling lately with the notion of whether or not a label needs a marquee designer to be the face/DNA/personality of a brand. (See: The Simon Spurr fiasco). When Galliano was fired from Dior for his now-notorious anti-Semitic rant, many wondered what would become of the house in the wake of the loss of its charismatic artistic director.

What happened is that Dior’s sales increased. With Galliano’s right-hand man Bill Gaytten standing in until a successor was named, Dior’s revenues hit $1 billion in 2011 for the first time ever, according to the Financial Times. Sidney Toledano, the president and chief executive of Christian Dior was surprised. “I never considered that,” Toledano told the FT. “I always thought we absolutely needed an artistic director.”

Source: Fashionista

From Corporate PR's point of view, this statement is done in objective of gaining confidence to shareholder and consumer for the success of increasing revenue. However, from Fashion journalist's point,I am really upset to see this statement. I adore Raf Simons but my life is totally inspired to Galliano's since his first debut collection. Whoever will replace his magnificent talent and skill.

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